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Thorough Dilapidation Surveys

For more than a decade, Jeffrey Hills & Associates has been providing reliable dilapidation and condition surveys for major construction companies and government departments. As an experienced engineer-based rectification company within the construction industry, we can deliver unique insights into areas that may result in claims for damage caused by construction works.

By anticipating potential claims, our surveys are carried out to ensure that suspect claim areas are fully and well documented.

Our expert team performs assessments for entire structures, which may include:

  • Surrounding footpaths and crossovers
  • Adjoining infrastructure, including walls and roofs
  • Roofing structures for deterioration
  • Service pits and infrastructure
  • Cornices and ceilings
  • Roof gutters and downpipes
  • Fixtures within the structure
  • Flooring and tiling

All properties are fully documented with a high-speed, full-resolution video recording which forms the basis of the survey. Our clients can expect a quality service and affordable rates when they come to Jeffrey Hills & Associates.

We’re committed to ensuring every project we work on is completed to our exacting standards and will always give the greatest attention to detail to every job. So, for professional dilapidation surveys you can trust, turn to Jeffrey Hills & Associates every time.

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