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Termite Heat Map

termite risk heat map

One of the many things to consider when buying a property is the potential for termite activity and infestation where the property is located. Certain areas in Australia are wood pest hot spots which is why it’s a crucial question to ask if the property is a termite hazard or not. To Termite Heat Map of Australia above.

Any savvy home buyer will want to know if their potential property is located in a termite prone area. Termites love warm, damp and wet areas which are due to high temperatures and moderate to high amounts of annual rainfall. Therefore, the higher the temperature and annual rainfall in a location, the more susceptible it is to termite activity and infestation.


Most parts of Queensland’s coastal region, including the Brisbane & Gold Coast, are very high-risk termite areas due to high temperatures in summer and mild winters. Combine that with regular rainfall in the summer and generally frequent rainfall during the winter months. (We go into more detail about South East Queensland’s higher risk of termite activity here).

Northern Territory

The same situation exists for the Northern Territory capital, Darwin, which has a tropical savanna climate (hot humid summer, warm winters) being in the northernmost part of Australia and the nearest to the Equator.

Western Australia

Perth, the Western Australian capital, also has a very high risk of termite activity because of high seasonal rainfall and hot-summer Mediterranean climate (warm temperate) similar to Sydney and Newcastle on the east coast of Australia.

New South Wales

Sydney, the state capital of New South Wales and also the most populous city in Australia, also has a humid subtropical climate (warm temperate). It is one of the top places in Australia that gets uniform rainfall throughout the year. Sydney has a high risk of termite incidence though not as extreme as the conditions in Brisbane, Perth and Darwin.

ACT & Victoria

Not all places in Australia are high-risk termite zones. Much cooler cities like the Australian capital Canberra and Melbourne in Victoria, have moderate to low risk of termite incidence. Melbourne specifically has an oceanic climate (cool temperate) because of its location and can have a temperature as low as -2 degrees Celsius, which are not very ideal for termite nesting.


Tasmania’s cool temperate climate (low humidity, cold to very cold winters with high annual winter rainfall, hot dry summers) is not overly suited to termite activity. This doesn’t mean it’s not worth getting a pest inspection if you’re looking at a property but that the incedents of termite activity will be much lower than other areas in Australia.

What Next?

If you’re looking to buy a property in any of the areas above it would be remiss not to get a pre purchase building and pest inspection. If you’re in the South East Queensland region we can provide you with a comprehensive and detailed report of your potential properties condition in regards to wood pests and structural soundness. Call us on 1800 351 535 or use our online booking form to make sure your property is a termite-free one.

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