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Termite Hazards in South East QLD

termites eating wood

South East Queensland is the most dense region of Queensland, home to more than 70% of the state population. It’s the home of three popular Queensland cities: Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, and the state capital Brisbane.

People flock to the region and buy houses to settle in. It’s always important to ensure a home is free of defects before settling, but more specifically, property buyers should be looking to find out if the area is prone to termite infestations. One way to do this is by checking the Termite Heat Map below.

Termite Risk Heat Map

termite risk heat map

The Termite Heat Map indicates that South East Queensland is in the very high-risk area of termite incidence. That’s because the region has warm and humid weather, which is very conducive for termites to live. Termites like the sub-tropical climate, along with the high rainfall that creates enough moisture for them to nest in wooden houses, trees, dead logs and even in the ground near houses (learn 4 common things termites are attracted to).

termites found in wall cavityTermites live in moist areas with warm temperatures and feed on materials made of cellulose, like wood, dead plants and papers. That’s the reason why termites are one of the most destructive household pests there are, because they feed on the woodworks or any wooden parts of a property.

Types of Termites

In South East Queensland, there are two types of termites mostly found in houses and properties; the Dampwood termites and Drywood termites.

Dampwood termites are commonly living in damp and dark areas of a house such as inside the wooden beams and walls, the ceiling, or under the floorboards.

Meanwhile, Drywood termites lives in any type of wood that is in contact with the ground. These termites would nest without any visible signs and so people should be very careful in acquiring houses.

South East Queensland is still a popular migration area for Australians and expats alike, with cities like Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast providing a great lifestyle for those who choose to live there. If you’re going to acquire properties around these areas, you need to make sure they’re not infested with termites. Jeffrey Hills and Associates can help you with that. We’re one of leading building and pest inspection providers that can provide you with comprehensive pre-purchase inspection reports.

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