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What are Pre-sale Building Inspections?

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Job relocation, a growing family, lifestyle upgrade, or even a need for new scenery – all of these are reasons for selling your current home and buying a new one. Whatever the reason may be, anyone selling their property surely wants to attract interested buyers right away. You would also want to get the best value for your property. In order to do both, make sure that your home is at top possible condition before listing it for sale. And the best way to do this? Through a professional pre-sale building inspection.

With a pre-purchaseĀ building inspection, you will find out which parts of the property is in need of repairs. There might be structural damage on the building that you aren’t aware of! Remember that things as small as water leakage from the roof or mould build-up in the bathroom can turn off potential buyers. Licensed building inspectors will look for any damage that might drag down the market value of your home.

Why Get A Pre-Sale Inspection?

In detail, here are the advantages of getting a pre-sale building inspection on your property:

  1. You will be financially in control of the whole process. If you are aware of the damage ahead of time, you might be able to fix the defects on your own, which could save you more money. After tidying up your property and getting it in the best possible condition, you can also impose the best selling price that you want.
  2. Presenting pre-sale inspection reports can help you sell the property. Your buyers will have more confidence on your homeā€™s condition because of the confirmation from property inspection experts. Thus, they will be more interested to purchase your house.

Getting a pre-sale building inspection is really a big help if you are selling your property. Experts can find even minor defects that can affect the price negotiation for your home. They can also make or break a possible deal. If you want to put your home for sale, contact Jeffrey Hills and Associates to get it inspected right away.