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The Effects Of Water Damage To Your Home

flood damaged homes

Living in a sub-tropical climate such as the Gold Coast has a wide number of benefits. We’re close to the water, have beautiful warm weather and plenty of lush ‘green behind the gold’. However, property buyers have to remember that such places also have their fair share of severe weather conditions which can result in long-term damage to properties, especially  in the Gold Coast’s flood-prone areas.

How does water damage properties?

When water starts pooling in any area of the house, it already poses a threat to the overall condition of your property. Properties in flood-prone areas bear the worst because when water stays in a place for too long, it can be absorbed by the foundation putting the entire structure at risk of subsidence. Movement on the structure brought about by an inundated foundation can also create cracks on the walls that weaken their integrity. As a result, it poses a potential danger to people making the house unsafe and unfit for habitation if left unaddressed.

Sometimes, the damage is not easily visible because it’s inside or behind the walls. Examples of this are leaks in the pipelines, electrical wirings, wood framings, furnishings. Drywalls, ceilings and floors and other timber materials might get deformed which can be very costly to repair. Mould is another potential issue which can bring with it risks to the occupants health. The extent of damage can be hidden to the untrained eye, which is why it’s very important to have the property checked by a professional home and building inspector.

Erosion is another possible issue to occur in properties in flood-prone areas. When water stays due to an incompatible drainage system design, an unfit drain spout which makes the water overflow, and/or poorly-designed building, it can contribute to the weakening of the foundation and the entire structure.

If the drainage system is poorly-designed, there is a chance for sinkholes to develop, and plants and landscaping to be destroyed. The property location is an important thing to consider, especially if it’s near bodies of water. It can essentially affect the integrity and longevity of the property.

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