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5 Common Building Defects To Check Before Buying A House

Common Building Defects To Check Before Buying

Buying a property in Brisbane, on the Gold Coast or in Northern NSW is a big step.

In the property market knowledge is power. The more information you have prior to your purchase the better because it will allow you to make an informed decision.

Here are some of the most common building defects that our inspectors come across in their day-to-day building & pest inspections.

Structural Damage

Inadequate maintenance, old age or substandard construction methods can cause major problems with the structure of a building.

Structural damage caused by poor construction can show tell-tale signs like jarring windows or cracks in the walls. If you suspect there may be damage to the stucture, it is wise to have one of our structural engineers review your property.

Structural integrity can also be compromised from natural factors such as surrounding tree roots that can suck the moisture out of the soil and cause structural movement and damage the foundations of the property.

Any kind of structural defect is expensive to repair and is something you need to know about before deciding to purchase a property. You should always consider getting a property defect inspection prior to purchase.

Improper Ventilation

Proper ventilation & air flow design is crucial for your home and your wellbeing because it controls how much moisture is in the air within your home/unit.

A poorly ventilated house will have too much moisture lingering in the air. Moisture encourages wood rot as well as the growth of toxic mould & fungi which can make living within the property a health hazard.

Ventilation issues can affect your health but they will burn a hole in your pocket when you are constantly paying for repairs or increasing your air conditioning use to compensate for poor air flow.

Roof Issues

Roofs are designed to last a long time but will start to deteriorate eventually, especially in our harsh Australian climate.

Your roof can suffer from exterior damage such as cracked/loose roof tiles, rusted roof sheeting or blocked/collapsed guttering.

The interior of the roof can also develop common issues that need to be checked such as decay in battens/rafters and insufficient bracing.

Our inspectors can check both the interior and exterior of the roof for defects & damage during one of our comprehensive defect inspections.

Poor Drainage/Plumbing Issues

Poor drainage around a property can cause a variety of other problems from water damage to the exterior to structural issues such as a cracked slab caused by erosion.

This is also the case with plumbing problems such as leaky pipes or compromised waste lines which can be both inside or outside the property.

These are problems that occur below the ground and you are likely not to discover until after you have purchased the property.

Pest Infestation

It is always recommended to have a pest inspection to check your prospective property for termite damage or termite related defects as well as the presence of termites and pests such as wasps & other insects.

After completing a thorough pest inspection, our inspectors will also make you aware if they find any areas with conditions that may lead to an infestation in the future.

Be Safe & Use An Expert

The common defects listed above may appear to be straight forward but it still takes an expert building inspector to identify these issues, especially if they have been covered up.

Only an experienced building & pest inspector will be able to:

  • Identify building defects with certainty.
  • Analyse the full extent of the damage/defects.
  • Translate and tell you what the effects will be for the property.

Whether you’re currently in the market to purchase property in Brisbane, on the Gold Coast or in Northern NSW, ensure you speak to us at Jeffrey Hills & Associates to arrange a pre-purchase inspection and/or a pest inspection before you agree to sign any contracts.

You can contact us on 1800 35 15 35 or click here to book an inspection online.