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Is a Building and Pest Inspection Necessary?

Many potential buyers have asked the same question. You might get told that getting one is a waste of money. However, not everyone is so lucky.

What You Would Get from Building Inspections

The interior and exterior of the property are both evaluated. A report would be made after a thorough observation which would take around 90 minutes. The report contains details about any problems that were found and an estimate of how much it would cost to make the necessary repairs. In addition, they could also make recommendations about staying in another part of the house while the repair is being carried out, if it is possible.

Watch Out for These

Read the report about structural movement carefully. The house might have balustrades that are already falling apart and big cracks that are present in the walls. Serious rusting in the foundation or elsewhere could mean the structural integrity is already weak. That said, there’s no telling when and where some parts of the house may collapse.

Apart from structural integrity, the presence of asbestos in the home must be detected immediately. Disturbed asbestos when inhaled, can be very dangerous to your health.

Water penetration in the home is not easy to fix and can cause a lot of damage. Find out if the property has that issue and see if it can still be sorted within your budget.

Pest Inspection

Hiring a licensed inspector that specialises in pests is recommended. Just like with the building inspector, they would provide a report after the inspection and discuss how much it would cost to manage the problem.

Among the many kinds of pests, one of the most troublesome to have is termites. They are small but cause a lot of damage. In some cases, if an infestation is so severe people would have no other choice but to move out of the house until the problem is taken care of.

It Can Save You Money

Though the cost of the building and pest inspection isn’t cheap, it is a small price to pay for peace of mind. An inspection can ensure your safety and comfort in the new home you want to buy. Moreover, you could use the findings from these inspections to negotiate your offer. It is even possible to find vendors willing to cover some of the cost.

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