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4 Things Termites Are Attracted To

Termites eating log

In this article we will talk about some of the factors and conditions that can attract termites to your home.

Homes do not actively attract termites, but if the termites find their way into a home they are quick to start causing damage. You’ll need to take some measures to help keep an infestation from happening in your home.

Check Wood & Cellulose Material

This is an obvious one, termites feed on wood and lumber so naturally they are attracted to it. Many homeowners keep stacked firewood or leave tree stumps or rotting wood left over from do-it-yourself (DIY) projects.

Termites love wood and leaving leftover wood lying around can attract termites toward the home. It is a good idea to make sure that you store wood so that it is raised at least 15cm off the ground.

Poor Drainage

Termites are attracted to moisture and clogged up guttering can cause rainwater to to pool. As water pools on and around the roof area, the insulation of your home becomes vulnerable to termites.

Once you gutter is clear of debris, you can also use downpipe extenders and splash blocks to help prevent water pooling around the foundations of your home which can also attract termites.


Mulch is commonly used around the house, especially in gardens that may be in contact with the foundations of the home. Mulch soaks up moisture and can provide a source of food for termites.

If you are using wood chip or mulch around the house, be sure to keep it at least 40cm away from the foundation of the home. It is also a good idea to monitor your mulch for any signs of termite activity.

Backyard Trees

Trees in your backyard that have leaves or branches that come in contact with the outside of your home can provide a route for termites to migrate from the tree and into the foundations of your home.

Trees also block sunlight which can encourage moisture build up in you backyard. You can trim troublesome tree branches or even have the trees  removed completely.

You can use the measures listed above to help prevent the infestation of termites in and around your home. Unfortunately, if a termite infestation occurs, it usually only detected by the homeowners after the damage has become severe.

If you suspect you hay have a termite infestation or you are looking for peace of mind, you need a pest/termite inspection.

At Jeffrey Hills our inspectors provide comprehensive visual inspections of termites and use the latest thermal imaging technology.

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