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The Effects Of Water Damage To Your Home

flood damaged homes

Living in a sub-tropical climate such as the Gold Coast has a wide number of benefits. We’re close to the water, have beautiful warm weather and plenty of lush ‘green behind the gold’. However, property buyers have to remember that such places also have their fair share of severe weather conditions which can result in … Continue reading “The Effects Of Water Damage To Your Home”

What Does A Thermal Camera Do?

Thermal Imaging For Building Inspections

What Is Thermal Imaging? Thermal imaging cameras (also known as infrared cameras) detect the heat that is produced by an object or person. Thermal imaging cameras have lenses that focus on waves from the infrared energy present in all objects. Thousands of sensors then convert that infrared energy into electrical signals which creates a “thermal … Continue reading “What Does A Thermal Camera Do?”

Renegotiating The Property Price After A Building Inspection

Preoperty inspection

It’s a common reaction when people see a list of defects in their building report, to simply walk away from the property. That’s not always necessary though. Any existing home that is older than 10 years is likely to have a few issues, from peeling paint to mould. While there are some defects you should … Continue reading “Renegotiating The Property Price After A Building Inspection”

5 Common Building Defects To Check Before Buying A House

Common Building Defects To Check Before Buying

Buying a property in Brisbane, on the Gold Coast or in Northern NSW is a big step. In the property market knowledge is power. The more information you have prior to your purchase the better because it will allow you to make an informed decision. Here are some of the most common building defects that our … Continue reading “5 Common Building Defects To Check Before Buying A House”

3 Common Mistakes of Home Buyers

hand holding house key

It is everyone’s dream to acquire a property and have a home of his or her own. When the time comes to fulfill that dream, they will invest a lot of time and resources to conduct the necessary research to make sure that everything is perfect. Unfortunately, most property buyers still fail on a few … Continue reading “3 Common Mistakes of Home Buyers”